Single-component UV & RTV (room temperature vulcanising) cure silicone sealant that cures to form an elastic and resilient elastomer when exposed to ultraviolet light or moisture in the air. The sealant cures rapidly under UV exposure for immediate fixturing & the remaining sealant applied in shaded areas undergoes secondary moisture curing.


The cured sealant has extremely high elasticity and remains highly flexible over wide temperature extremes & ranges. The sealant also has outstanding resistance to mechanical impacts & vibrations and environmental exposures from chemicals, oils, heat, water and weathering.

High viscosity. Versatile UV & moisture curing. UV cure for immediate fixturing. Non acidic & corrosive neutral curing chemistry.

Heat resistant sealing of heating devices, heating elements, ovens and thermal sensors. Protective & insulative sealing of electronics components & circuitry, automotive electronics & sensors, process sensors & probes. Bonding, sealing, and tacking components and assemblies for service under demanding environmental conditions and at extreme temperatures. Tacking of components and devices on printed circuit boards and lead wires. Tacking & enforcement of delicate connectors, plugs and switches against rough use and daily handling.

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Weight 20 kg


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