Single component cyanoacrylate adhesive that cures instantaneously within seconds when contacted with moisture in the air and on the bonding surfaces. The adhesive is fast and easy to use as it does not require mixing, heating or clamping for curing.


Cyanoacrylate adhesive has good bonding strength on a wide variety of substrates such as plastics, rubbers, metals, paper, wood, ceramics, etc. The adhesive is suited for quick and general-purpose bonding of small parts and assemblies of dissimilar materials.

Low viscosity. Fast curing speed. Suited for general purpose bonding of dissimilar substrates.

Bonding of O-rings, rubber gaskets and window seals. Bonding of rubber products such as damping pads, insulation lining, safety stoppers and shock mounts. Threadlocking of plastic fasteners on metal housings. Bonding of plastic gears to shaft, keypads, fiberglass molds. Bonding of acrylic display stands, name plates, decorative ornaments, toys, etc.

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Weight 20 kg


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