LOCK L-331

Single-component methacrylate thread-locking adhesive that cures in the absence of air when applied between threaded metallic fasteners. When cured, the adhesive forms a hard and resilient bond that fills up the gaps between the threads, which prevents loosening from vibrations, impacts and thermal expansions.


  • Increased reliability during service with accurate torquing & stable clamp load against vibrations, impacts & impact expansions.
  • Ease of assembly by lubricating to avoid friction welding & enabling fastening of dissimilar metals.
  • Provides sealing that prevents internal corrosion & facilitates future disassembly.
  • Improved resistance to most industrial solvents & chemicals and at high temperatures up to 200°C.
  • Improved cost saving with lower inventories by using a single product for multiple thread sizes.

Low viscosity for quick dispensing onto bigger thread sizes. Fast curing speed. High strength for permanent threadlocking.

Flywheel bolts, Cylinder head stubs, Suspension bolts, Heavy equipment. Bearing caps bolts, Motor mounts, Transmission & engine block studs

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Weight 50 kg


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