Single component epoxy structural adhesive that cures rapidly within seconds and develops functional strength when exposed to ultraviolet light. The instant cure-on-demand capability reduces assembly times with lower production & energy costs and improves productivity & lead time.


The adhesive has high bonding strength on a wide variety of substrates such as plastics, rubbers, metals, paper, wood, ceramics, etc and has excellent resistance to chemicals, moisture & temperatures.

High bonding strength on plastics. High peel & impact strength. Good flexibility & elongation.

Bonding and sealing of plastic tanks and containers. Rapid tacking of components after alignments or partial assembly. Tacking of wires and connectors on printed circuit board. Enforcement of connectors, plugs and switches against rough use and daily handling. Enforcement of delicate assemblies against vibrations and shocks. Encapsulating miniature components and assemblies used in consumer electric devices such as mobile phones, music players, digital cameras, etc.

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Weight 30 kg


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